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Women's Sensor 2mm Back Zip Long Sleeve Springsuit

Women's Sensor 2mm Back Zip Long Sleeve Springsuit

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The perfect warm-weather spring suits for when your home spot finally warms up, or you travel to tropical destinations.

The Sensor suit is the closest you can get to wearing a bikini while still in a wetsuit. The ultra-soft sustainable limestone neoprene keeps the harsh sun off your skin and ensures you are comfortable for even the longest tropical downwinder or surf session. Redesigned fit that's been rigorously tested to meet a high standard of both form and function. We've skipped the in vogue prints for a timeless classic look in the highest performing spring suit we have made yet.


  • Made from sustainable limestone neoprene that is PFC and PTFE free
  • Flat Lock Stitching and smart panel construction provide the ultimate stretch for less fatigue, meaning you get longer sessions
  • Back zip for easy entry and reduced flushing with a seamless front panel
  • Glide skin offers ultimate comfort and reduces chafing
  • Solvent and hydrophobic coating free to keep harsh chemicals out of the water
  • Superior sun protection

Water Temp: 64°F to 72°F | 18°C to 22°C

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