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Harlem Kitesurfing

Harlem Kitesurfing Pro V2

Harlem Kitesurfing Pro V2

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Are you that rider, looking for a push to the next level? Go pro with the Harlem Pro.

The Harlem Pro V2 is our 3-strut open C High-Performance Freestyle kite. The Harlem Pro is made for intermediate and advanced riders who want to push their limits. The 4-line open C-design together with the high aspect ratio will give you powerful kite loops and an explosive lift. For unhooked tricks, the kite will give you a massive pop to get where you need to be. There the perfect slack will give you the freedom in the air to do what you need to do.

The Harlem Pro will get your adrenaline going and push you to the limits.


  • Great unhooked performance with a sweet power delay after the pop.
  • Responsive and precise steering
  • Gives a powerful lift off the water with long hangtime
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