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Harlem Kitesurfing

Harlem Kitesurfing Kiss Bar

Harlem Kitesurfing Kiss Bar

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When you see the Harlem KISS bar for the first time, it will be love at first sight. But actually you’ll be friendzoned before you know it. This baby is safe and steady for a great love story. You see, KISS stands for Keep It Safe and Simple. Because bars are like relationships. You rather have them steady than stirring.


Why so safe and simple?

  • Bio Dyneema lines from Braidtech provide a breaking load of 450kg
  • The push-away quick-release provides easy safety, swivel, and a perfect finger grip on the bar
  • Single line flagout system guarantees a 100% depower in a split second

What else?

  • The width of 50 cm works ideally with kite sizes between 4m and 18m kites
  • The KISS bar includes a universal Harlem Line Splitter to be able to fly the bar on all 4-line kites on the market
  • Flying lines pigtails with combined loop/knot connection are included

Enough to love? We know.

Now we just want your extra time and your…KISS 😘

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