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Harlem Kitesurfing

Harlem Kitesurfing Fakir El

Harlem Kitesurfing Fakir El

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Have you had no luck finding a magic lamp to make your carpet fly? No worries, we’ve developed the next best thing: the Harlem Fakir EL.

Plus, just like a carpet, it has no hard edges, making it a perfect wing foil setup to learn how to fly, with a lower risk of injuries.

Don’t take our word for it.

“We tested this board with the new Harlem Fakir EL foil and were blown away by the combo – please excuse the pun. A sceptical person might wonder if features like the Flow tech bottom might be more of a marketing gimmick than a functional design, but this was decidedly not the case.” – Tonic Mag


  • It’s easier to fly. Some even say the easiest wing foil setup on the market
  • It lifts way easier (wet carpets are hard to fly). It’s also easier to lift than most other wing foils. This is because of the material. We could drop all sorts of names here like aerospace-grade aluminium, carbon, and anodized to make it sound more interesting. The honest and important story is: it’s just as good as other all-round intermediate foils and better than some cheap deals you already had doubts about.
  • The Fakir EL is a great learning buddy, but also won’t let you down when you start jumping and doing tricks
  • It’s more sporty to fly. Flying the Fakir EL will make you rip like a fairytale prince
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