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Harlem Kitesurfing

Harlem Kitesurfing Eco Bag

Harlem Kitesurfing Eco Bag

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The only eco-friendly kite bag on the market


Beyond CO2 compensation!⁠

"How?", you might ask? ⁠

-The main material is made out of recycled PET bottles.⁠
- Saving water resources by using undyed fabrics.⁠
- Digitally printed with eco-solvent ink.⁠
- Recycled webbing.⁠
- Recycled yarn out of Germany.⁠
- Wooden buckles instead of plastic.⁠
- Produced with 100% solar energy in Europe.⁠

And to finish it, one bag for all kites!⁠
With the exchangeable tags you are able to use one bag for all kite sizes, meaning no more overproduced bags as spare parts to be thrown out the next year.

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